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Q: Do we have to give Anti –rabies vaccine annually?

A: Yes, you have to give the vaccine annually, starting from 1-1/2 months and a booster vaccine at three months and once a year thereafter.

Q: Do we have to deworm out pet dog or cat regularly?

A: Yes, Starting at the second week, and every two weeks upto 3 months and then once a month upto 6 months and once in 3-6 months thereafter.

Q: Can we get infections from cats?

A: Yes, Toxoplasma gondii is a zoonotic disease, which means it can spread from animals to humans and vice versa. Pregnant ladies should handle cats very carefully. Accidental ingestion of this parasite can cause abrtions in humans.

Q: Do pets need exercises?

A: Yes they do. They need exercises, especially when they are in growing stage and this is a life-long requirement.

Q: What is Distemper and is it common disease?

A: Distemper is mainly a neurological condition and may cause paralysis in dogs. We have seen this disease frequently and need to give the primary vaccine at 11/2- 2 months and the booster vaccine at three months and annual vaccination thereafter.

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