About Us – Why should you choose Unique Clinique?

Why should you choose Unique Clinique?

Welcome to Unique Clinique, the first computerized Animal Clinic and Surgery and the first clinic to have a website in Sri Lanka (under www.uniquepetclinique.com). We have recently moved to the address www.uniqupetclinique.lk with pride to obtain our Sri Lankan identity. We set up our clinic in 1996, at Katubedda, on the Galle Road and moved to our present location in the year 2000.

Our Clinique is mainly a “Pet Focused” clinic and our focus is on the pet, not the disease.
The Clinique is located in Nugegoda a beautiful town located in the area that used to be the magnificent Kingdom of Kotte.

We started our practice in August, 1996 in Moratuwa and moved to present location in year 2018. We have handled 100,000 cases up to July 2011, since then at an average of 10000 cases per year. We keep records of all cases handled and categorize them according to different body systems involved.

Possible treatment options are given to clients and clients can choose accordingly. We have links with referral veterinary laboratories and send clinical samples for further investigations. We have links with units for radiographs, ultrasonography and ECGs too.
Client education is a key to our philosophy. If the client does not understand the reason for our recommendations we cannot expect them to be consistent with their care. Every pet and every client is treated as a unique individual.

We shall do our best to make your visit both pleasant and beneficial. Your suggestions for both our clinique and our web site will help us to bring you the best in pet care.
Please visit the OUR SERVICES section of our web site to learn more about our treatment modalities.

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